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Oak Tharanee Mekong Mineral Rock - Smooth Skin and Attracts Wealth & Luck

Oak Tharanee Mekong Mineral Rock - Smooth Skin and Attracts Wealth & Luck

Approximate Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 20mm
Weight: 50.19g

Known to the Thai people as Oak Tharanee. This special mineral found in the Mekong River Basin from the shallows to the deep middle of the big River. Before they can be collected, locals have to wait for the Mekong River to become shallow or dry before entering and collecting them. The mineral (is not magnetic on its own) but attracts magnets, very heavy for its size, it is believed that this attraction will bring good fortune to its owner and have the power to attract money and gold.

It is believed that Anyone who has kept it for worship always has money flowing in all the time or always have food on the table and not poor. The merchant or business man always has it with him. The mineral has become increasingly rare to find and harvest in recent years.

Many ancient craving has been into Buddha images for worshiped to bring luck to the owner.

In the past, many foreigners flocked to buy in large numbers as they were believed to be iron meteorite which made this type of stone known to the world.
In the belief of the villagers, the rocks recovered from the deepest and most center regions of the Mekong River look the most shiny. Because the serpent in the middle of the Mekong River creeps over it every day, turning the common stone into this special metallic rock.

To promote Wealth and fortune:

1. Keep it in your wallet. The bag will not run out of money, always gets replenished.
2. Keep it in shop's money basket to keep money always coming in with an inflow that does not break. Will attract customers.
3. Keep it where there is money or gold. there will see an increase in the place where money is kept.
5. Keep it in a lucky place. Will result in good fortune for those who carry treasures with them Or the owner of that place has a lot of profit. There are customers who are ready to pay for all of them as a whole.

I have kept the "broken" english translations in hopes of keeping the essence of the message originally from Thai language as best as possible. Thank you!

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