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Special Banashiva Lingam Stone

Special Banashiva Lingam Stone


Dimensions: 53 x 22mm


Divine Banashiva Lingam Stones - Narmada River's Sacred Shiva Lingams for Spiritual Connection


The Shiva Lingam stone found in the Narmada River holds great significance in Hinduism and is considered a sacred symbol of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in the Hindu pantheon. This unique stone is naturally formed, typically rounded or elliptical in shape, and is characterized by its smooth surface and distinctive markings. It is revered as a representation of the divine cosmic energy and the union of the masculine and feminine principles.

The Narmada River, located in central India, is the primary source of these Shiva Lingam stones. Over time, the river's flowing waters have polished and shaped these stones, giving them their smooth texture. Pilgrims and devotees often gather these stones from the riverbed and use them for worship and meditation. The stones are usually dark in color, with lighter-hued markings that are believed to resemble the three horizontal lines (tripundra) commonly applied to Lord Shiva's forehead.


The Shiva Lingam stone is regarded as a potent symbol of Lord Shiva's presence and power. Worshippers believe that meditating upon or praying with these stones can aid in spiritual growth, inner balance, and the awakening of Kundalini energy, which is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. The stone's shape is associated with the cosmic pillar (lingam) that represents the formless aspect of Shiva.


Devotees use the Shiva Lingam stones in various ways during their worship rituals. They might anoint the stones with water, milk, or other sacred substances while reciting prayers and mantras. Offerings of flowers, incense, and other items are also made to honor Lord Shiva's divine presence represented by the stone. Some people place the Shiva Lingam stone on their personal altars or wear it as a pendant to keep the deity's blessings close.


The Shiva Lingam stone from the Narmada River is not only a physical object of veneration but also a powerful symbol that embodies the concepts of creation, preservation, and destruction—the fundamental cosmic cycles associated with Lord Shiva. As with many elements of Hinduism, its significance goes beyond the material realm, carrying deep spiritual and philosophical meaning for practitioners.

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