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100% Natural Brazilian Crackled Carnelian Crystal Bracelet - Enhance Creativity

100% Natural Brazilian Crackled Carnelian Crystal Bracelet - Enhance Creativity

Chakra Crystal is proud to introduce our Energetic Crystal Bracelet Series. Suitable for men or women, our genuine premium grade high quality natural Crackled Carnelian crystal bead bracelets are ethically mined in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Beautifully made - These Metaphysical bracelets make amazing "Personal Transformation" gifts for yourself, loved ones, family and friends. They are suitable for healing, meditation, energy work and personal spiritual growth.

Crackled Carnelian Crystal
Chakra Activation: Sacral
Astrological Sign: Leo

Our Chakra Crystal bracelets can be used across all religions, beliefs, practices or disciplines. We will cleanse and reset every piece before sending them out to our customers.

All our crystal bracelets comes with 10mm diameter crystal beads and bracelet (wrist) size of 17cm. We'll be happy to custom the bracelet size to your wrist. Do feel free to drop us a message upon purchase. Thank you!

Detailed Chakra, Healing and Metaphysical Properties of your chakra bracelet.

Crackled Carnelian crystals have chakra properties that primarily work with the sacral chakra. They enhance creativity, vitality, and emotional well-being. Crackled Carnelian's metaphysical properties include promoting courage, confidence, and action. It has healing properties that boost energy, inspire motivation, and support emotional balance. While not associated with a specific birth month, Crackled Carnelian resonates well with individuals born under the astrology sign of Leo, supporting their self-expression and leadership qualities.

Chakra Properties:
Crackled Carnelian crystals primarily work with the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen. The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, passion, vitality, and emotional well-being. Crackled Carnelian stimulates and balances the sacral chakra, enhancing creativity, boosting motivation, and revitalizing one's energy levels.

Metaphysical Properties:
Crackled Carnelian, also known as Fire Crackle Agate, possesses unique metaphysical properties. It is associated with courage, confidence, and action. Crackled Carnelian's fiery energy ignites passion, inspires motivation, and encourages individuals to take bold steps towards their goals. It is believed to enhance personal power, drive, and ambition.

Crackled Carnelian is also known for its grounding qualities. It can help stabilize emotions, promote a sense of calmness during times of stress, and restore vitality. The crackled patterns within the crystal symbolize the transformative energy that supports personal growth and self-improvement.

Healing Properties:
Crackled Carnelian crystals possess various healing properties that can benefit individuals on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is known to boost energy levels, increase vitality, and promote physical strength. Crackled Carnelian is believed to aid in overcoming fatigue, enhancing endurance, and supporting the overall well-being of the physical body.

Emotionally, Crackled Carnelian is known to instill confidence, courage, and a positive mindset. It can help dispel feelings of self-doubt, fear, and lethargy, promoting enthusiasm and a zest for life. Crackled Carnelian's energizing properties can also stimulate creativity, enhance motivation, and inspire a sense of purpose.

Birth Month and Astrology Sign:
Crackled Carnelian does not have a specific birth month associated with it. However, it is often linked to the zodiac sign of Leo. Leos, born between July 23 and August 22, are known for their passionate, confident, and ambitious nature. Crackled Carnelian's energy aligns well with the bold and fiery qualities of Leo, supporting their self-expression, motivation, and leadership abilities.

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