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985g Sacred Cintamani "Wish Fulfilling" Jewel (Emerald Green)

985g Sacred Cintamani "Wish Fulfilling" Jewel (Emerald Green)


Dimensions: 85mm(H) x 85mm(W) x 85mm(D)
Weight: 985g (Large Piece)

This amazing piece is Green in color and has good light-absorbent properties. The Clear skin of this piece adds to its clarity. When looked through a bright torch light, the color turns glowing bright emerald! Many describes these stones as pure light and the green variant definitely confirms that theory.


Cintamani Stones has ashy surface and a base where its rough which give us some clues of the sandy bedrock it was found in, and also some indications of how they were form.

Please note: We use a high lumen torch to showcase its colors in this listing. You can also use your handphone light in a dark environment to see its color shine through! One of a kind rare piece!



The Cintamani stone, also known as the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, holds symbolic significance in various spiritual and mythological traditions. 


1. Spiritual Enlightenment: In Buddhist traditions, the Cintamani stone is often associated with spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, compassion and the attainment of ultimate truth. It is considered a precious jewel that grants profound insight and liberation from suffering.


2. Inner Transformation: The Cintamani stone is sometimes seen as a metaphor for the transformation of consciousness. It represents the journey of personal growth, self-realization, and the awakening of one's highest potential.


3. Manifesting Desires: In some belief systems, the Cintamani stone is regarded as a wish-fulfilling gem. It is believed to have the power to manifest one's desires and bring about positive changes in life.


4. Divine Connection: The Cintamani stone can symbolize a connection to higher realms, celestial beings, or divine energies. It is associated with spiritual guidance, protection, and the alignment of one's life with higher purposes.


5. Symbol of Power: In certain mythologies, the Cintamani stone represents great power and authority. It is often associated with legendary figures or deities and is believed to bestow strength, courage, and leadership qualities upon its possessor.


Cintamani stones, known as "wish-fulfilling jewels" in Tibetan culture, hold profound meanings and attributes associated with their colors, reflecting their spiritual significance:


Green Cintamani Stones:
Meaning: In Tibetan tradition, green cintamani stones symbolize healing, harmony, and the presence of enlightened beings. Green represents the lushness of the spiritual path.
Attributes: These stones are believed to promote physical and spiritual healing, inner peace, and the blessings of enlightened beings. They are considered potent tools for achieving balance and well-being.


Red (Amber) Cintamani Stones:
Meaning: Red cintamani stones are associated with powerful transformation and protection. Red represents the vibrant energy of enlightenment and the fierce compassion of deities.

Attributes: These stones are believed to assist in overcoming obstacles, dispelling negativity, and invoking the protective energies of deities. They are considered potent talismans for courage and spiritual growth.


Blue Cintamani Stones:
Meaning: Blue cintamani stones symbolize the vastness of wisdom, spiritual insight, and the cosmic realm. Blue represents the boundless nature of the mind and consciousness.
Attributes: These stones are believed to enhance one's wisdom, intuition, and clarity of thought. They are thought to aid in meditation, helping practitioners connect with higher consciousness and cosmic truths.


Purple Cintamani Stones:
Meaning: Purple cintamani stones are associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Purple signifies the transcendent and mystical aspects of the spiritual journey.

Attributes: These stones are believed to facilitate spiritual growth, inner transformation, and the awakening of one's higher self. They are considered potent tools for deepening meditation and accessing profound spiritual insights.


White (Teal) Cintamani Stones:
Meaning: White cintamani stones represent purity, clarity, and the potential for enlightenment. White signifies the absence of delusion and the radiant wisdom of awakened beings.

Attributes: These stones are believed to purify the mind, promote clarity of vision, and facilitate the path to enlightenment. They are considered sacred symbols of the pure and awakened mind.

In Tibetan Buddhism and spirituality, cintamani stones are revered for their ability to bring blessings, protection, and spiritual transformation. They are often used in meditation practices and as offerings to deities as a way to invoke their benevolent energies. The significance of cintamani stones goes beyond their physical form, encompassing the spiritual journey and the aspiration for greater enlightenment.

From its mysterious origins and formation theories, this remarkable stone continues to captivate with its enigmatic allure and profound potential for spiritual and transformative experiences.


While we strive to capture its true essence in our photos, the full beauty of this item must truly be experienced in person.

May you uncover the exquisite crystal that resonates with boundless love & compassion, endless creativity, and abundant blessings in your life. Thank you!

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