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Amazing Golden Phong Khum Crystals from Lanna Era - Embodiment of prosperity

Amazing Golden Phong Khum Crystals from Lanna Era - Embodiment of prosperity


Dimensions: 65mm x 40mm x 42mm
Weight: 148.86g


Amazing Golden Phong Khum Crystals from Lanna Era - Embodiment of prosperity, fortune, happiness, and personal ascension!


These amazingly beautiful Phong Khum Stone has been polished on one side to reveal its stunning landscape within each piece! This amazing golden piece protects property. The Gold zircon gives you wealth. Calls back the alms that have been done in the past life to the owner. Golden Phong Khum is suitable for those who trade, do business, or those find it hard to save money. The clear crystal will act as an invisible armor to store wealth.


The mystical Phong Khum stone, also known as Kaew-kham, is discovered within the northern realms of Thailand, nestled along the border with Laos, adjacent to the meandering Mekong River. The term "Phong" signifies the essence of elements that swell with wind or gas, such as saline soil, while "Khum," in the local dialect, conveys an aura of invincibility. This revered gemstone, a prized relic from the Lanna era (spanning the 13th to 18th centuries in present-day Northern Thailand), holds profound spiritual significance.


The crystalline treasures of Phong Khum were initially unearthed in 1999 at Doi Pong Luang, Thoen District, Lampang Province. Geological records unveil the area's ancient history, where molten lava once traversed through rock strata, gradually culminating in the formation of the exquisite Phong Khum crystals. As substantiated by excavations of Phong Khum from time-honored crypts across the north, notable examples include the Phra Maha Manee Rattana Patimakorn, unveiled within a Chiang Rai pagoda, and the "Phra Kaew Don Tao," currently enshrined at Wat Phra That Lampang Luang in Lampang Province. Equally significant is the revered "Phra Setangkhamani," lovingly held within Wat Chiang Man of Chiang Mai Province, tracing its origins back an impressive 1800 years. Many of these age-old stones emerge as resplendent Buddha images and intricately carved stupas.


The hallmark of this stone lies in its diverse manifestations of power and energy, contingent upon its inner inclusions and mineral composition. Believed to harness and assimilate natural energies, ancient Lanna inhabitants astutely identified and channeled varying forms of energy inherent within these stones. Bestowing names upon these stones corresponding to their unique attributes and the expressed energy forms ensured the transmission of this invaluable knowledge across successive generations, preserving its essence from fading into oblivion.


The essence of Phong Khum conveys stability, resilience, and imperviousness, interwoven with the enchanting allure of crystalline purity. This infusion of raw materials seamlessly interlaces with local myths and beliefs, giving rise to the Sacred Glass of Ancient Lanna and sparking a surge of fascination and desire for these precious artifacts. Rooted in Lanna beliefs, the sacred crystal embodies potential for prosperity, fortune, happiness, and personal & spiritual advancement.


A side note: Our own personal research also points to these types of stone as being known as chuijia stones usually most prized ones with golden inclusions and a golden hue to the stone. This name seem to been from the chinese trader of ancient times, which we found a strong connection with.

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