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21g Tah Phraya Nahk Gem - Beautiful Ruby Red Droplet Pendant Shape

21g Tah Phraya Nahk Gem - Beautiful Ruby Red Droplet Pendant Shape

Approximate Dimensions: 40mm (L) x 12mm

Approximate Weight: 22.49g

Tah Phraya Nahk Gems are world famous and only found in Thailand. They are believed to be powerful talismans in helping the bearer to stay safe and healthy. Traditional Thai monks using a secret process smelt natural crystals from sacred caves, adding precious metals and gem pigments to form a beautiful gem with an eye-like center.

This is one of the gem stones that used in temple for making amulets. Original form is in deep caves usually along the 'Mekong River' which pass Thailand, Burma, and Laos. It is very rare, high quality and an excellent rare jewel to add to your collection.

It is believed that the bearer who has faith in this amazing jewel can bring good fortune and prosperity. It is also the best item for amulet collectors. Because it is said to bring good health and have a mystical powers and have the power to banish fear or evil, depression, reduce fever and is believed to be excellent for eyes or vision.

The wonderful crystals are often found in the caves in the deep forest such as cave in the northeast sector of Khon Kaen province or cave in Phu Phan mountains at Sakon Nakhon Province where its believed to be places of mystery as the serpent and city bowels of the holy cave. The features of diamond like jewel resembles a pebble within the vitreous, a flat surface, round teardrop and oval shapes and are high on the hardness scale and extremely difficult to cut.

This special piece is in Ruby Red and is as beautiful as it is rare! When looking through the gem, the heart of the gem beautifully forms a circle magnifying effect just like you are looking into the eyes of the Naga Serpent through into the world! Very unique and needless to say an extremely gorgeous gem!

These gems are heavy beyond their size (about 3x the weight of glass). It emits and produces a great grounding and wonderfully soothing energy when held in the hands making it great for meditation and crystal energy healing work.

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