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23g Angel Chime Tektite Indochine - Beautiful Large Unique Piece

23g Angel Chime Tektite Indochine - Beautiful Large Unique Piece

Dimensions: 59mm(H) x 50mm x 10mm
Weight: 23.52g (Large)
Origin: South East Asia

This amazing piece is a True Angel Chime tektite meaning its chimes throughout the entire piece. It has sharp and uniformed mid pitch chime. Extremely Rare Find! Note this piece has several slight chips at the edges. but they do not take away or affect the beauty of the piece at all. See photos and video...

Please message me if you want to hear the chime of this amazing piece of tektite before purchasing. Thank you!


"Angel Chime" Tektites are extremely Rare and their rightful owners will feel their attributed potent powers and energy.

There are probably 1 in a 10,000 "Angel Chime" tektites that are found naturally like this piece; In a Large beautiful "flat pendant" shape.

You cannot recognise them from other, ordinary tektites with the naked eye. Their uniqueness does not lie in its appearances but lies in the sound they make when chimed against any other hard object. They emit a specific, unusually metallic, glassy high pitch tone ringing. Hence they are named "Angel Chime" but they are also known as singing tektites and moldavites.

Scientific explanation of this phenomenon is a higher, specifically distributed inner tension within such stones. Although their shape is usually somewhat elongated, or they tend to be flat and thin. As you can see from this piece, however, the shape and size is not a reliable indicator, as other tektites of such shapes do not chime at all.


Tektite Crystal Healing Properties:

Tektites are ideal meditative tools, helping one to expand our consciousness into the highest frequencies. They have an empowering effect on people and can help to increase synchronicities and connections. Tektites have an invigorating effect on the aura, allowing it to expand and ‘throw off’ energetic debris, leading to a more responsive, free-flowing energetic body. Tektites are also a great absorber of negative energies and thoughts.

Tektite History and Uses:

The name Tektite comes from the Greek word “tektos” meaning molten. They are found in shades of black, green or grey and are 14 million years old. They are regarded as talismans of luck in many cultures and have been used to accelerate healing from illness and injuries.

Tektite Geological Description:

Tektites are glass objects associated with meteoric impacts. Their crystal system is amorphous and they have a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5. They are rich in silicon dioxide. There is debate as to whether Tektites were themselves meteorites, terrestrial rocks melted by meteorite impact, or some fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material. Tektites have been found in Australia, North America, Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

This piece of specially hand-picked Large 21g tektite is a powerful impact glass. It has great markings on it that makes it one of a kind and its of great pocketable size which makes it great as a gift, a gratitude stone to bring everywhere you go, or to meditate with.

Please note our tektite are 100% natural raw pieces directly picked from the meteorite fields of Eastern Thailand usually bordering Laos Cambodian regions.

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