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Amazing "Diamond Dew" Phet Nam Khang - Powerful and Balance Rare earth Gem

Amazing "Diamond Dew" Phet Nam Khang - Powerful and Balance Rare earth Gem

Approximate: Dimensions: 30mm(H) x 20mm(W) x 16mm(D)
Approximate Weight: 10.27g
Origin: Thailand, Saraburi Province

We are very excited to receive a very limited amount of the rare and precious "Diamond Dew" Phetcha Nam Khang gem stones!

This sacred and powerful crystal allows the opening of the crown chakra to receive white light and self love and helps one leap to higher consciousness during meditation or reiki work. It truly elevates the spirit, with its tranquil nature, and connects one to higher purpose and spirit guides for those on a journey towards deeper shades of awakening.

Check Out the Last Photo to see how they are usually found in minuscule clusters naturally on rocks. Very Precious and Rare Specimens. "Top clarity & quality" (See Video) Absolutely Rare and Amazing find!

Local Myths and legends about "Diamond Dew" Phet Nam Khang

The Rare "Diamond Dew" Phet Nam Khang is a natural mineral. Geological data from Sa Kaeo Province was found that the Phet Nam Khang sprouts in basalt cavities. This mineral is rarely discovered and is only found in small deposits on rocks from several provinces in Thailand.

Historical texts can be found on these magical "Diamond Dews" related to the Great Master Luang Por Suang. They were found in ancient texts from Luang Por Suang's disciples.

"The myths and stories in the eccentrics heard that when the serpent showed his power, it turned into dew flowing against the current up to the island on the cliffs"

We do our extensive research on this exceptionally rare earth element, but we do find this line of text meaningful in the Thai Language, thus we have included it largely "unedited" from translation. Hopefully it holds the original essense/ meaning of the text.

The auspiciousness of the mineral diamond dew is revered and very sought after locally in Thailand, but very extremely hard to obtain. It is classified as a psychic mineral with a variety of powers. They are known to help in matters of fortune, wealth, enhance luck, prestige, luck, be a great mercy.

It is said to stimulate the personality and radiance of the owner/wearer from the inside out. It will help Increase self-consciousness about physical appearance improving social interactions and enhance charm of a person. It also helps attract to the resource of money or friends.

The Magical Diamond Dew helps to connect the base chakra to the crown chakra which helps to maintain your mood swings and keep balanced. There will also be an Increase concentration by stimulating mental awareness. By enhancing intuition, it can allow its wearer/ owner to sense danger before it happens and avoid it. Many believe that this magical stone can help see into the future and also help one navigate with clarity, thus making it a wonderful gem for business, sales and spotting opportunities.

Please note that photos are taken under a magnifying loupe to show its mineral structure. We try to take photos as accurate as possible, but its beauty has to be appreciated with our own eyes!

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