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Auric Energy "Pad Thawee" Crystal - First Earth Element - Incredibly Beautiful

Auric Energy "Pad Thawee" Crystal - First Earth Element - Incredibly Beautiful

Dimensions: 38mm (ht)P x 26mm (dia)
Weight: 42.85g

This amazing piece covers has the soothing energies of lavender, and Green and a transparent clear quartz. Its a wonderful piece to carry around in a medicine bag whereever you go (which we will include for you.) She has a loving energy promoting self love and opens yourself up to love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion. Its also at the same time a wonderful piece to work with your spiritual journey for clarity, wisdom and insight. This piece is wonderful for programming to let the piece hold your intentions and manifestations with you.

These extraordinary "Pad Thawee" Crystals, representing the First Earth Element, exude indescribable energy. Their presence leaves individuals in awe of nature's incomparable beauty. According to ancient Thai legends, these jewels are believed to have formed on riverbeds over thousands of years. They possess a mystical essence associated with the Naga Kings, serving as psychic elements to receive prayers and blessings. While most first element jewels are typically found in single colors with a somewhat matte translucency, we have acquired these stunning specimens in multi-colored variations. They are extremely limited in quantity, each piece being unique and emanating distinct energies. Truly, a one-of-a-kind offering for those who feel connected to this enigmatic and exquisite gem of nature!

Harnessing Pad Thawee Crystal Energy for Aura Alignment:

Their remarkable qualities allow them to harmonize Chakras and balance our auras. Through their unique vibrational frequencies, they interact with our energy fields, promoting clarity, balance, and spiritual connection. By absorbing negativity and amplifying positivity, they purify and uplift our auras, enhancing vitality and intuition. They are highly suitable for meditation, Reiki, and crystal healing work. Their remarkable transparency makes them excellent tools for programming and setting intentions, amplifying and multiplying their energies based on the specific color properties within each piece.

By wearing or holding crystals, or incorporating them into meditation practices, we establish a profound connection between their energies and our own aura. This interaction removes blockages, restores equilibrium, and elevates our overall vibration, resulting in a more vibrant and harmonious aura.Exploring different Pad Thawee crystals allows you to find those that resonate most powerfully with your energy, supporting your unique auric well-being.

Notably, the crystals exhibit a distinctive wavy light refraction within their inner structure. This phenomenon suggests that the jewels solidified rapidly under the influence of powerful energies, such as extreme heat or pressure, encapsulating their unique qualities within. (Refer to photos illustrating the wave-like energy structure.)

The allure of these jewels extends beyond the metaphysical realm; their physical beauty is undeniable and immediately palpable to anyone who lays eyes on them (even through photos). Their physical properties serve as a spiritual conduit, fostering a profound connection with their rightful owner over time.

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