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Authentic YE MING ZHU Crystal - Phosphorescent Glow Living Energy Gem

Authentic YE MING ZHU Crystal - Phosphorescent Glow Living Energy Gem

Approx. Dimensions: 26mm x 17mm
Approx. Weight: About 11g

This Stunning and Powerful (I would call "AAA+ Healer Grade") Ye Ming Zhu Crystal glows bluish green ever readily and holds and retains its beautiful energetic charge at the highest levels as I have never seen before, emitting a strong yet soothing Qi energy. This piece holds charge with the slightest light source and emits beautifully at the same time! See Photos!

It is possible to charge the crystal in the sunlight so it retains and stores the energy of the sun which is the energetic element that brings life and vitality to all parts of our body and is the energy that sustains all life.

Please be aware of cheap, crudely made (stone-like) Ye Ming Zhu pebbles (that are made in basic labs and workshops) which contains toxic and radioactive elements, not safe to be held in the hands for long periods of time. They are mostly made from polymer with zinc and glowing agent.

Modern Ye Ming Zhu Crystal Healing Properties

These green gems emit a balanced yang energy and has the memory capacity for greater clarity and vision. The green gems fortify and activate Qi, tone the liver, boost metabolism, strengthens rooting, fortifies aura. The green gems are especially protective on all energetic levels to armour the wearer and cleanse and realign the energy body. They emit Negative Ions, Far infrared Rays. These Qi gems can greatly assist in healing and DNA coherence.

<<Please note that this listing is only for one piece of Ye Ming Zhu and it will be the exact piece featured in this listing. Thank you.>>

Ye Ming Zhu (夜明珠 - Night Bright Pearl) is the Chinese name for a family of minerals, crystals and gems that glow after being exposed to light, heat, friction and other subtle energies.

Ancient Imperial Ye Ming Zhu was first mined in the East. Incredibly beautiful, rare and exotic they travelled along the Silk road all the way to from China to Mongolia, Afghanistan and Europe and Asia. Regarded as one of the rarest, mysterious and precious objects in the world, Ye Ming Zhu are one of the rarest and most exotic treasure. Known to attract good fortune and beloved and revered by royals and emperors, they have been beyond reach of the common people.

Chances are very few of us will ever be able to see, touch or own a piece of Ancient Ye Ming Zhu in our lives. They are just that rare.

Its most well documented provenance goes back to the Empress Dowager Cixi, where a piece was found in her tomb, subsequently removed and rumoured to have been owned by several individuals and with its trail finally getting cold in the days of the cultural revolution of 1966 in China.

In 2001, a team of Chinese scientist discovered the secret of alchemical forging the Rare Earths in Ancient Ye Ming Zhu to create a Modern Crystal Ye Ming Zhu with the energetic and therapeutic attributes of the Ancient Imperials.

These modern Ye Ming Zh possess a unique crystal structure much like the Ancient Ye Ming Zhu. Ye Ming Zhu has tetrahedral units. Which impart memory, ability to store energy and information. Ye Ming Zhu store free energy. The crystal structure of modern Ye Ming Zhu is also called the Golden Ratio so that the frequencies emitted by it produce Golden Ratio Harmonics that are exactly in tune with the mathematics of the Universe and all living organisms.

Rare earth elements are used for their energetic properties and are found in most of todays highest tech devices. It is not a coincidence that china supplies ninety seven percent of the rare earth elements and that most of the Ancient Ye Ming Zhu found has been in china. Modern Gems Glow in Green, Blue and Purple. Each Color has Specific Healing Capacity.

If you’re into crystals for the energetics, the gifts which tuning into them brings and are interested in literally bringing light into your life, Modern Ye Ming Zhu is for you. This rare beautiful Pearl will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

If your ego or intellectual side thinks it extremely important to only value the energy of something created in the ground. If you want to find something almost impossible to find and upon finding it, have the means to pay up to a thousand times more just to be able to say it was formed in the ground then Modern Ye Ming Zhu might not be for you.

It is important to understand Modern Ye Ming Zhu is alchemised by using elements found in nature. They are put together in a way which that holds the same frequency as when found in the ground. The earth energy contained in this combination with the rare earths is present in these treasure stones.

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