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Exquisite Nephrite Jade "Cicada" Carving - Stone of Emotional Balance

Exquisite Nephrite Jade "Cicada" Carving - Stone of Emotional Balance

Dimensions: 50mm x 20mm x 14mm

This beautiful and exquisitely hand carved pair of Nephrite Jade Cicada Pendent consist of magnesium, iron and calcium silicate with an interlocking fibrous structure that gives it extreme toughness. It is a member of the Tremolite/Actinolite Series in the Amphibole family.

Looking like a black piece of jade but every piece when placed upon a flash light will reveal its beautiful bright green Jade interior. Please note that all pieces have their own different inclusions and "imperfections" as they are carved from natural stone which of course makes each piece uniquely beautiful.

Iron is the coloring agent in nephrite. The more iron present, the darker the nephrite will appear. A high iron content, like this piece, causes deep green to black colors while a low iron content results in lighter shades. Therefore you can see from this gorgeous piece its different mineral composition make-up throughout the pendant from being translucent jade green in some areas and other are much darker, almost brown black. (See Photos of the bright green Jade). The darker parts have high metallic composition of Iron and magnesium with small amounts of nickel which makes it lightly attractive to magnets.

One of the earliest and most important sources of Nephrite was along the northern slopes of the Mountains in eastern Turkestan. The Chinese have revered the nephrite variety of jade more than any other gem. For over 3000 years, flat discs, termed pi, were carved from nephrite to worship heaven.

Similar to Iron Nickel Meteorites, they emit a strong signature energy that are amazing with helping issues of the blood and circulatory system, energetically strengthening one’s physical vehicle, increasing one’s stamina and physical healing. They have a grounding energy that protects, balances and stabilizes one’s emotional body.

This piece emits a high vibration, high energy and frequency when held in the hands, making it wonderful for meditation work and help with blood circulation issues. It can also easily be worn around the neck/ chest as Green jade benefits provide balance and harmony for the heart chakra. Use of jade chakra, especially green jade, will assist in the pursuit of physical and emotional well-being. Therefore its wonderful to wear these pendants as necklace so that a healthy heart chakra can be maintained at all times where it balances its environment and self (Bearer).

Symbolism and Feng Shui of Cicada

Since ancient times, the cicada has been seen as a symbol of resurrection, an association that owes to its fascinating life cycle. The Cicada is considered as a summer insect in Japan and China, because they usually go under the soil during winter, and go out of it during summer. This is a sign of rebirth, thus it was usually used to symbolise rebirth in Japan and China.

Most Feng Shui experts will tell you that a Cicada is a Feng Shui symbol of immortality and protection against backstabbers. This is largely due to the fact that a Cicada is an insect that can live up to 20 years; it’s a kind of insect that has the longest life span. Furthermore, it is said that a Cicada’s large eyes also warns it of possible predators, thus many Feng Shui experts will associate it as a protection against backstabbers or politicking.

Also because of the ‘rebirth’ aspect of the Cicada, it makes carrying a jade cicada a good Feng Shui protector when one is undergoing a big change in one’s life. If you are about to have a career change, or you’re about to marry, or moving to a new house, graduating from school, migrating to a new place or country, carrying or wearing a jade cicada will help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We try to take photos as accurate as possible, but its beauty has to be appreciated with our own eyes!

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