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Extraordinary Odin Hag Stone from Thailand, Mekong River - Prevents Nightmares

Extraordinary Odin Hag Stone from Thailand, Mekong River - Prevents Nightmares


Approx. Size & Weight: 38mm x 28mm x 21mm, 27.72g (Palm Stone Size)

Please that this listing is only for the ONE pictured piece.

Please note that we put a light amount of coconut oil on its surface to bring out the beautiful luster of its surface to take the photos. You can also do so with any kinds of natural oils to keep the piece protected and beautiful!


These Special Hag "Odin" Stones from Thailand (almost "Ceramic looking" stones) are absolute beauties 100% sculpted by nature and energized by our mother earth for thousands of years. No one stone is ever the same in shape and energy due to how each piece is formed and sculpted. They are found in the mekong river regions either in an area of ​​water fall or exposed to a water stream and wind erosion. In northern Europe, these are called Odin stone. Odin is a god of the Viking group. In ancient times, the British used Hundreds of Holeystone red ribbons hang over the bed for protection from disaster and nightmares.

These amazing stones from Thailand are well known locally as powerful protection talismans and when worn and carried. They protect the bearers with hexes, curses, negative forces and harm. They are also kept at home to keep the family safe and bring blessing into the home. Many use this special stones to keep under their pillows at night to prevent nightmares and its also great to place where the pet's sleep.

Known in Thailand and the region as Stone of psychic high, they are amazing for meditation and creative vision.

And on top of all that, They are absolutely beautiful natural miracle sculptures made by our mother nature that is wonderful as shohin displays all around the home or garden!

We go direct to these mekong regions to collect and handpick these highest quality pieces which are perfected by nature and unbroken. Here we offer absolutely stunning museum grade pieces. They are hard to find and are increasingly rare as there are only limited areas where stones like these can be found.

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