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Genuine First Earth Element "Pad Thawee" Jewel - Incredibly Beautiful and Rare

Genuine First Earth Element "Pad Thawee" Jewel - Incredibly Beautiful and Rare


Dimensions: 46mm (ht)P x 35mm (dia)
Weight: 80.38g

This stunning piece is beautiful "Ivory White" in color. Although no one jewel is ever the same, These are very much the laotian variant we are very excited to discover some with an almost opaque Milky white translucency which are very rare and beautiful at the same time. When using a torch light to lit up from the side, it turns milky yellowish beige which allows us to see its natural formations.

"Pad Thawee Jewels are for anyone who is interested in Energetics and Metaphysical stones for personal and spiritual ascension."

These incredible First Earth Element "Pad Thawee" Jewels are energetic and undefinable. Anyone who comes into its presence will be in awe at its inexpressible beauty of nature. According to Thai ancient legends, they are believed to have been formed on the river bed for thousands of years. It is a mystical "wind" element gem closely associated with the Naga Kings as psychic elements to receive prayers and blessings. While most of the first element jewels are found in single colors and usually somewhat matt transluscent, we are able to acquire these beautiful specimens in multi-colored variants. They are very limited, no one piece is ever the same and no one piece possesses the same energies. This is truly a one-of-kind offering to anyone who feels connected to this gorgeous enigmatic gem of nature!

Metaphysical Properties

The Pad Thawee Jewels are energetic gems which aid the strengthening, balancing and cleansing of Chakras and repair of Aura. They are great for meditation, reiki and crystal healing work. Their beautiful transparency makes them a wonderful programming crystal tool for setting intentions and manifestations. As much as they have absorbent properties, they also amplify and multiply their unique energies according to the color properties found within the piece.

Within the jewels, you can see that it has a "wavy" light refraction inner structure. We believe these jewels solidified rapidly while being subjected to powerful energy (extreme heat or pressure etc. or a combination) thus encapsulating its unique qualities within each jewel. (See photos of its wave-like energy structure within)

The powerful allure of these Jewels are highly perceivable and it extends beyond the metaphysical realm. Their physical beauty is undeniable and often becomes palpable the moment anyone lay eyes on them (simply from seeing the photos). Its physical properties thus acts as a spiritual conduit to an often strong connection with its rightful owner after they work with it over a period of time.

Physical Properties

The Pad Thawee Jewels comes in a form of "egg-shaped" tumbled stones and they glow readily in sunlight or any light. Some pieces have their own bubble galaxy within which sparkles at different angles. For the clearer pieces, they often give off a beautiful golden glow when held in the hands. They even change color before our eyes when you spin them between your fingers. Its like peering through its very own universe within every piece! Have to be seen and felt personally to experience it.

These Jewels have an outer "skin" which can somewhat be described as, a thin "film" on its surface producing a certain friction to it, especially so, after its been placed in water and wiped clean. They might at first glance look very polished (to the naked eye, at least), however when we look at their surface closely under magnification, you can see light, minuscule spots and serrations on its skin. The markings are however too small to affect its transparency, amplification and glow.

I must mention (AGAIN) that these amazing gems are really rare, obscure and mysterious. Hardly anyone knows where they originate from (not even the locals i received them from.) Every piece sold might be the last piece anyone will ever find and possess anywhere.

From my personal research and from talking to the locals, I have gathered information that have led me to speculate that these gems might have been in one form or another passed down either as family treasures/ heirlooms or kept in temples by monks as protection, prayer blessings and offering artifacts.

Also gathering from the well-known fact that the Indochine regions like Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos (where the Mekong River runs through) has been for years a hot bed for the discovery of countless undocumented meteorite and tektite fields, my personal opinion is that they might be some sort of impact glass that were shaped and form in the unique underwater features of the mekong river basin over millions of years.

If you are looking for quartz crystal, saffordite, yooperlite, fluorite, agate, and crystal ball/ lens ball, these are not it.

Except from Wikipedia (Directly Translated using Google Translate from Thai Language) which may contain grammatical errors...

"Elementary Earth: A stone that is in water that has been cut from nature for hundreds and thousands of years until light can pass through. When you cover your hand with the elemental material, it will be visible and must be a stone from under the Mekong River at the area you have specified. Because the King of the Naga has offered you the same. The stones that have been consecrated from the serpent are considered psychic elements that originate from the wind element, possessing the right psychic, which most of these psychic will attain high Dharma and receive spiritual prayers from the Thera that His Highness therefore can say that he has miracles. And the output Outstanding superior quality and giving you to the owner. All of them create miracles and experiences for countless worshipers. Both safe, invulnerable, fortune, and compassionate, immortal, immersed in water to make holy water to fix your occult If working well, should get to experience the user as much as possible.

The earth element is different from the amulet from the gravel from the Mekong River, which Luang Pu brought to pray. The Naga considered this jewel as one of his possessions. Those gravel therefore has their energy attached as well. And when prayed with a complex mental process that is difficult for us to understand, it will cause those jewels to create enormous energy that we don't understand anymore..."

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