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Genuine Mali Natural Glass - Life transforming  & Balanced - Heart Chakra Gem

Genuine Mali Natural Glass - Life transforming & Balanced - Heart Chakra Gem

Approximate Size: 34mm x 30mm x 22mm
Weight: 50.07g

We are very excited to receive the extremely rare and legendary mysterious Mali Glass from our suppliers of Gemstones. This is a beautiful Frosted piece with amazing color!

A newly discovered mysterious mineral (only 10 to 12 years old) that gemstone miners, every now and then, started to find some small deposits of these mysterious glass in the Mali, Africa as well as its neighbouring regions. The Miners were able to confirm that the material is naturally found in drops or spherical shapes and that the origins are unknown. Some say they are part of the known tektite strewn field from the Bosumtwi impact crater, where small amounts of ivory coast tektites have also been recovered relating to the same meteorite impact which were more towards further west of the impact site. And others think that these mysterious deposits are igneous in nature and are uncovered over time due to the shifting of earth's tectonic plates and these mineral's origins are actually closer to the center of the earths core.

The Amazing Green/ Brown/ Yellow Coloring may be caused by the high content of chromium in the ground in those regions. This mysterious natural glass keeps coming up during mining operations for Tanzanite or Sapphire that no one seems to know the exact causes of. These natural green glass are often coated with perlite, an are said to have inorganic materials to earth as well as our earth's minerals in it. The color is green due to the impurities making it a lighter color than black obsidian.

There is no commercial mining operations or extensive scientific tests done to-date specifically for this mysteriously glassy green material, as locals do not see the value in these glass found in nature. We were told that, when locals find them, they would polish or melt them for other purposes like making recycled glass beads for necklaces as well as functional glassware that are sold throughout the African continent.

We have received these amazingly rare specimens in their original form for months but have resisted to post them for sale until we are comfortable enough to confirm and verify some information ourselves and of course do some of our own research on them.

I must mention again that these are extremely rare... and beyond the pieces that i have acquired, i am unsure if i can get my hands on anymore once sold out. As these pieces were presented to me unexpectedly by my swedish gem dealer friend who managed to "bag" some pieces from his mining partners in Africa. And, there is surely no commercial mining for these beautiful precious gems which makes them really rare to be offered on the open market!

Physical Analysis Results

We nevertheless were extremely fortunate to get our hands on some specimens and did our due efforts to identify their physical attributions and characteristics.

Putting them through critical analysis and physical inspection under microscope, we found fluidal textures with air bubbles (Both Round and elongated), swirls (Schlierens) and Lechatelierite markings within (it was easier to tell from the pieces with freshly chipped surface). This is consistent impact glass that are caused by extreme heating and cooled really quickly.

Another Fascinating observation is that on many pieces, we find its surface markings to often have pit shaped depressions as well as grooves on its surface that were laced with some sort of perlite (an amorphous glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian) deposits giving it a white luster or powdery look.

Originally thought to be a Tektite, the result of a powerful meteor impact. But the jury is still out. It could be a Tektite, or possibly igneous in nature, like Volcanic Obsidian.

We must unequivocally stated here in our listing that Mali Glass are NOT Moldavite, Saffordites, Colombianite, Agni Manitites, Yopperlites and libyan Desert Glass. If you are looking for these, look elsewhere. Thank you!

The Bosumtwi Crater Connection

Locals have long believed that these mysterious glass is some form of meteorite implact glass or Tektite that is related to the Bosumtwi impact crater. Tektites, believed to be from this impact, are found in the neighbouring country of Ivory Coast, and related microtektites have been found in deep sea sediments west of the African continent.

The Bosumtwi impact crater is centered at 0632'N and 0125'W, and is almost completely filled by a lake. Lake Bosumtwi has been known to the scientific community since the beginning of the 20th century, but its origin was the subject of a controversy until the 1960, when petrological and isotope geochemical studies on tektites and impact glasses showed evidence for meteorite impact. It is one of 170 meteorite impact craters currently known on Earth. Bosumtwi is one of only four known impact craters associated with a tektite strewn field

Metaphysical Properties

Whatever this mineral is physically, we have worked with these amazing metaphysical gems and can confirm 100% that they are high vibrational but have a beautifully soothing and grounding energy.

They have a strong action to aid emotional healing and bring you comfort when you are grieving. They also are strong stones for grounding and protection, and to aid you to clear negative emotions that may be holding you back. This is extremely useful if you are a healer, as they will aid your work by ensuring you are kept safe.

These stone are also known by locals to be a stone of transformation, and very powerful spiritual ascension tool. It has a strong cohesion of energies when paired with other crystals. Its an amazing tool for amplification as well as manifestation.

These stone have a good energy to help you with emotional healing, and for this purpose are powerful when used at the heart chakra. The amazing heart Chakra opening is immediately evident which balanced, powerfully soothing and all encompassing. This wonderful gem interacts with all chakra activation and is undoubtedly a powerful tool to cleanse your auric field of negativity.

They also combine well with Libyan Gold Tektite also known as Libyan Desert Glass, Moldavite, indochine and Tibetan Tektite.

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