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Laotian Elemental Earth "Pad Thawee" Stone - Metaphysical Stone of Protection

Laotian Elemental Earth "Pad Thawee" Stone - Metaphysical Stone of Protection

Dimensions: 34mm x 31mm x 14mm
Weight: 21.19g

"Pad Thawee Jewels are for anyone who is interested in Energetics and Metaphysical stones for personal and spiritual ascension."

Laotian Pad Thawee are found in a tumbled stones form and they are translucent (Which is important to its form and energetic properties.)

These beautiful "Milky" Translucent Pale Beige Pieces are found in Laos "River" Regions and These Jewels have a matt outer "skin" which can somewhat be described as, a thin "film" on its surface producing a certain friction to it, especially so, after its been placed in water and wiped clean. When we look at their surface closely under magnification, you can see light, minuscule spots, inclusions and serrations on its skin.

This form of Pad Thawee has been made famous by the reowned Thai Monk, Luang Pu Khamphan Kositpanyo, That Mahachai Temple, Nakhon Phanom.

As the story goes, He received the spiritual prayer textbook "Earth Thad" since he was a young monk, when a man presented it to him at the orders of his father just before his death. The man's father instructed his son to take this booklet and give it specifically to Luang Pho Khamphan, upon his death. It had descriptions and one picture of the Pad Thawee element inside. It was evident from the quality of the textbook that it had been written by someone established with the highest dignity and spiritual attainment.

The textbook revealed the method and technique called "Praying the Earth" by using natural elements to make them powerful. It is said to possess marvellous amazing energy. And so the monk studied the method until he become a proficient practitioner.

Luang Pu Khamphan explained about the characteristics of the earth elements that were correct according to the texts. It must be gravel form and must be found immersed in natural water only; Not those found on land. The pebble, when picked up, must have its original nature; must not be broken. The most important thing is that it must be "translucent" in nature, and it is with this feature that makes this form of earth element the rarest.

Luang Pu Khamphan lived in a time when there were many civil unrest and warring factions in the Country. Thus, many Soldiers, Police and Government Officials would come to him to ask for "Good Things" for protection. He would Bless and consecrate various earth elements and set them to be the Lord "Buddha" and Earth relics. This stone element is tough. So he called the first earth element "Phra Phet".

Being a master of manipulating water, earth, wind and fire which is was widely know for, he explained when you bring "Earth Element" to conjure up, it will summon 4 elements one by one and combine elements into one and can be conjured into that elemental earth "Pad Thawee" stone. When we use four elements in ourselves, we will merge with that earth element into balance. The real benefit of working with this element is to receive protection against natural disasters and the "dangers" of human beings. All compatible Protection from all kinds of weapons and equipment that exist today And in the future. He called this kind of prayer. "Incantation over". This incantation is not the same as your common amulet. He therefore emphasized that "this earth element is the best that exists."

It is described that this elemental earth has hidden energy attached. When prayed by the spirit of great energy and when strong telepathy strikes the energy contained in the rock, it will allow the stone's hidden energies to be released. It is a powerful radiation wave that is powerful enough to give the worshipers the protection they need when these stones are "Programmed".

Man-made amulets cannot compare with such energetic qualities of the "Earth Element" as these elements were created from the work of nature and has been storing energy from the four elements and radiation from the universe for millions of years.


These incredible First Earth Element "Pad Thawee" Jewels are energetic and undefinable. Anyone who comes into its presence will be in awe at its inexpressible beauty of nature. According to Thai ancient legends, they are believed to have been formed on the river bed for thousands of years. It is a mystical "wind" element gem closely associated with the Naga Kings as psychic elements to receive prayers and blessings. While most of the first element jewels are found in single colors and usually somewhat matt transluscent, we are able to acquire these beautiful specimens in multi-colored variants. They are very limited, no one piece is ever the same and no one piece possesses the same energies. This is truly a one-of-kind offering to anyone who feels connected to this gorgeous enigmatic gem of nature!

Metaphysical Properties

The Pad Thawee Jewels are energetic gems which aid the strengthening, balancing and cleansing of Chakras and repair of Aura. They are great for meditation, reiki and crystal healing work. Their beautiful transparency makes them a wonderful programming crystal tool for setting intentions and manifestations. As much as they have absorbent properties, they also amplify and multiply their unique energies.

These stones also have protection and also assist with spiritual ascension and practice.

(Please note that I have made the above translations from Thai Language (from part google translate and part understanding) and have also decided to leave in some grammatical errors to stay true to what has been written and not to over interpret the original Thai text too much. Thank you.)

If you are looking for moldavite, cintamani, saffordite, yooperlite, fluorite, agate, and crystal ball/ lens ball, these are not it.

Except from Wikipedia (Directly Translated using Google Translate from Thai Language) which may contain grammatical errors...

"Elementary Earth: A stone that is in water that has been cut from nature for hundreds and thousands of years until light can pass through. When you cover your hand with the elemental material, it will be visible and must be a stone from under the Mekong River at the area you have specified. Because the King of the Naga has offered you the same. The stones that have been consecrated from the serpent are considered psychic elements that originate from the wind element, possessing the right psychic, which most of these psychic will attain high Dharma and receive spiritual prayers from the Thera that His Highness therefore can say that he has miracles. And the output Outstanding superior quality and giving you to the owner. 

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