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Lord Ganesh Cintamani "Wish Fulfilling" Carving (Blue Purple)

Lord Ganesh Cintamani "Wish Fulfilling" Carving (Blue Purple)

Dimensions: 57mm(H) x 36mm(W) x 25mm(T)
Weight: 51.05g

We at Chakra Crystal Store are exceptionally excited to present our lovely Cintamani Stones in exquisitely Carved by local craftsman and artists to bring out this amazing stones' unique beauty and energy radiance field. Every Single Piece is been Hand Carved. No two pieces are ever the same! Every carving is unique in their own way. We have been working hard for months, finding the right local glass artists (with utmost thought, respect and care taken) to individually hand-carve our cintamani gems. Watch the video to see how the gem chases light! Absolutely Stunning!

This Beautiful Ganesh Statue Carving depicts the famous elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, who is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise and is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors. For the first time, this powerful statue of "Lord Ganesh" or "Lord of the People" helps remove obstacles in one's life, bringing positive energies, fortune and success into the home space set in the powerful responsiveness of the Cintamani "Thought Gem" to enhance powerful fulfilment of prosperity and wealth to its worshipers.

Rules for buying and placing a Lord Ganesh Statue:

Should not buy a Ganesh Statue larger than 18cm in height.
Do not keep it in the Bedroom
Do not place it under a Staircase
Do not place the statue facing towards the main door of the house while its back toward the rest of the house.

Being able to keep the cintamani stone in the house will allow us to always keep mindfulness of thought, actions and practice with us all the time. With the powerful presence of Lord Ganesh and energetic field of the cintamani stone, it allows manifestations and wishes on a personal and spiritual level to be achieved like never before.

Please note that this listing is for only ONE piece of Blue Cintamani Carving of Lord Ganesh. The cintamani stone in the first photo is only for illustration. Thank you.


This amazing carving is Blue Purple in color. The Blue Purple Cintamani Gem works with the Third eye Chakra.

Third Eye – To See.
This chakra asks us to release the illusions that hold us back from clarity and truth. In balance, you understand how things around you are working, you can solve challenges calmly, and you are intuitive.

May the Cintamani Gem bring the best blessing of love, compassion, creativity and abundance to all who comes into contact with it.

ps: We also have our cintamani stones in large and small faceted gems! Do keep a look out for them!


Cintamani Stone also spelled "Chintamani" Known by Hindus and in Tibetan Buddhism as the "Wish Fulfilling Jewel", said by some to be the equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone in western alchemy. It has been connected to Heaven, the Holy Grail, the Cathars and the Knight Templars.

Buddhas and Bodhistattvas meditate holding this stone with the Cintamani symbol floating in their halo and crowns. The Tibetan Symbol of Cintamani is the pyramid of dots, circles or rings.


An excerpt of Cintamani Definition from Wikipedia:

In Buddhism, the Chintamani is said to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky during the reign of king Lha Thothori Nyantsen of Tibet. Though the king did not understand the purpose of the objects, he kept them in a position of reverence. Several years later, two mysterious strangers appeared at the court of the king, explaining the four relics, which included the Buddha's bowl (possibly a Singing Bowl) and a mani stone with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra inscribed on it. These few objects were the bringers of the Dharma to Tibet.

The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism's ruyizhu entry says:

A maṇi-jewel; magical jewel, which manifests whatever one wishes for (Skt. maṇi, cintā-maṇi, cintāmaṇi-ratna). According to one's desires, treasures, clothing and food can be manifested, while sickness and suffering can be removed, water can be purified, etc. It is a metaphor for the teachings and virtues of the Buddha. ... Said to be obtained from the dragon-king of the sea, or the head of the great fish, Makara, or the relics of a Buddha.[6]


I must mention that these stones are very rare, not commonly seen nor available in large numbers in both the East and the West. These natural jewels comes in natural variants of Green, Blue, Purple, Amber and Teal.

These stones are usually obtained and passed down from monks and temples in the bordering regions of Thailand and Cambodia after they have been ordained and blessed upon, and are believed to have been originated directly from Tibet (which the original Buddhist Artifact of Chintamani was discovered and widely documented in Scriptures.)

If you are looking for saffordites, agni mani stones or polished clear crystal balls/ lens balls, this is not it. Raw Cintamani stones are unpolished and are beautifully shaped into (non symmetrical) spheres by nature. They all come with their own weathered markings which gives us hints of their own unique journey of creation and formation.

Caring for these Jewels

They love to be out in nature so you can leave them out on the grass or soil, in the sun (for a few hours) and in direct moonlight (all night) to clear the jewel occasionally, and especially when you first receive it.

For anyone who feels strongly about these stones/ jewels, I urge that you do your own research online to fully make the connection with it and understand its origins and wonderful history.

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