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Natural Lai Nam Phi "Flowing "Sacred Objects - Set of 4 Colors - Meditators Tool

Natural Lai Nam Phi "Flowing "Sacred Objects - Set of 4 Colors - Meditators Tool


Well known to Locals for being wonderful meditational tools for spiritual ascension and protection.

Every single piece of Lai Nam Pee is hand "harvested" and is about 1.2cm per drop. See the process in the video. They have a semi spherical circle shape that is Rounded on one side and flat on the other. (See Photos). They have a beautiful glitter within made up of thousands of tiny air bubbles. (See Photos)

Mystical "Flowing" Nam Phi are rare and only found on one place on earth, at Uttaradit Province in Thailand near the border with Nan Province. With a process of burning the stone to manifest shades of green and black crystalline structures. (See Video) These sacred natural objects that ancient masters/ monks have mentioned are psychic in natural, but apart from being psychic and revered objects, there are also very rare and sacred. It is clearly stated in the Phichaisongkram textbook that Lai Nam Phi belongs to the tolerance and not deterioration elements.

This Thanasit element is considered a rare nature. In the past there were many seekers. But there are very few who will get it, because it is for those who have merit. Like the world famous psychic Leklai mercury. These are all legends. It has been told for many generations. Lek Nam Phi from Thong Saen Khan District, Uttaradit Province and the Thanasit has hundreds of thousands of years of legend And amazingly still show their power to appear until today.

Process of Obtaining these Precious Elements (Watch the Video)

Nam Phee villagers have brought the stone through a process of heating about 1,000 degrees and up until it becomes a drop of liquid, gathering into a clump of crystal. When solidified, it is black or green with a luster. This stone is said to contains quartz and silica and is a form of Serpentine and iron ore rock. This is a very rare mineral in the world. More than 100 kilometers below the earth's surface, hundreds of millions of years old, These amazing Lai Nam Phi would be flowing and "harvested" by villages before burning the stone to directly obtain the "natural flow" (with no other substances) into a beautiful, pure and powerful drop.

Lai Nam Phi's Metaphysical Properties

These Sacred objects are believed to clear the mystical power by Khun Sai, black magic, wind power, and can prevent ghosts & demons. They also have excellent qualities in avoidance, invulnerability Mercy, great popularity and Trade Enhancements and brings Success and Prestige in doing business. It sets the mind to progress in life and protect it. Persistently practice spirituality and faith, and With the accumlated wisdom, it brings success. Lai Nam Phi is the same element as Leklai. "You don't need to chant, it has power and power in yourself."

Black helps to protect from harm Khun Sai, Black Magic, Ghost, Wind, Travel, Escape, Safe, Clear the mystery of bad things.

Blue / blue Enhancing stability Job duties, negotiations, exams, learning, competitions

Green / light green Helping in trading, increase wealth, money flowing to pour Try your luck, risk your luck

Belief in the divine powers is considered ignorance. However this is not a strange matter for practitioners and mediators. You can feel the mysterious power of various psychic elements for yourself.

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