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173g Gembone Fossil "Crystallized" Museum Grad

173g Gembone Fossil "Crystallized" Museum Grad


Approximate Weight: 173.68g
Approximate Dimensions: 109mm x 35mm

About This Specimen

We are happy to make available this rare and precious museum quality specimen of Real dinosaur fossil coming from Khon Kaen Region of Thailand!

This 100% genuine amazing piece is beautifully preserved into a fossilised and crystallized marble-like, smooth semi translucent skin without any cracks or serrations and in this rare "one of a kind" gallery showpiece condition. Unlike many commonly tooth fossils that are found and for sale online, this piece is actually from the body/ Sail spike of the dinosaur; making it a super rare and collectable item.

This beautifully and rare preserved piece is from a Siamosaurus, which its name suggests it can only be found in one place on earth and that is Thailand. Existed during Kimmeridgian Age to Cretaceous Period, this elusive spinosaurid species was carnivorous, lived in a terrestrial habitat and reproduced by laying eggs.

Naturally permeated with minerals over thousands of years, the color of this fossil is characteristic of whichever minerals became ingrained the remnants; those found in water will differ greatly from those found away from water. Calcite, Agate or other minerals may have assisted the Gem Bone in creating it’s more beautiful coloring.

Considered in the gems world as Gembone, It is one of those organic crystallized “stones” that are full of energy, wisdom and magic, like amber or opals or petrified wood.

Organic materials considered gemstones include but are not limited to: Amber, Bone, Coral, Ivory, Pearls, Mother of Pearl, Abaone as well as Impact glass such as Moldavite and Tektites.


Over the past thirty years in Thailand, Thai and international geologists have uncovered over tens of thousand fossils belonging to several families of dinosaurs with over 11 species of dinosaurs including 5 completely new species only found in Thailand. The Khon Kaen Province has been established to be a hot bed of dinosaur activity millions of years ago. There is a long and documented history of monks and temples finding these fossils and keeping them as treasured items and relics in these temples. Many locals from the region have stumbled upon fossilised bones, horns and spikes of dinosaurs. It was not until the 1980s that modern paleontology came to officially document the geology and fossils of the region.

Included in this collection a remains belonging to five new dinosaur species found nowhere else on earth. In addition, dinosaur fossil finds in Thailand have led to a rewriting of the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift, as well as those of dinosaur evolution. Paleontology has 'come of age' in Thailand and has led to the creation of a world-class dinosaur museum and research centre located in the Northeast province of Kal asin.

The discovery of dinosaur bones did not occur in Thailand until 1976 when, at Phu Wiang Mountain in Khon Kaen province, Mr. Sutham Yaemniyom, a Thai government geologist mapping
uranium deposits, happened upon a single dinosaur bone. Also, in 1978, a Thai geologist, Varavudh Suteethorn, recognized a dinosaur bone collected by the abbot of a temple in Ka lasin province. This find, also, remained in storage for a period of time. Thai geologists had limited knowledge and expertise, they sought direction and help from the international paleontology community.

1981 was a benchmark year in Thai paleontology. That year saw a joint Thai-French team of dinosaur paleontologists launch a concerted effort to determine just what lay unearthed in
the rocks of Phu Wiang Mountain in Khon Kaen. That effort resulted in a watershed as dinosaur remains were uncovered in several separate locations. Specimens began to emerge to result in Thailand's the first uniquely Thai dinosaur, the huge, plant-eating (sauropod) dinosaur now known by its scientific name, Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae. This was an entirely new
genus and species of dinosaur not known to exist anywhere else on earth.


Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Whether the Dino Bone (Gembone) is petrified or fossilized, they have the same core energy properties. Considered a stone of Memory and Ancient Knowledge, it is deeply rooted in antiquity and is therefore an excellent stone to use for past lives work.

Being associated with Mars as well as Saturn, Dinosaur Bone is known to increase energy, and survival instincts as well as communication skills. This particular stone is especially helpful when dealing with anxiety over survival, calming the apprehension, and assisting in gaining of knowledge to strengthen one’s ability to create proper boundaries and to permanently squelch the anxiety.

It is widely believed that dis-ease originates from toxic emotions and befouled feelings, often carried with us from past incarnations. It is said that Dinosaur Bone is quite beneficial on the human body as a whole when one suffers a whole body ailments that creates weakness. Gem Bone is helpful at accelerating recovering by increasing energy, survival instincts and enhancing the immune system. Often being quite rich in salts it is able to create stronger biological waves to assist in purifying the body.

We try to take photos as accurate as possible, but its beauty has to be appreciated with our own eyes!

We truly hope that you will find the best gemstone for all the love, creativity and abundance in your life! Thank you!

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