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RARE Huge Agni Manitite - 100% Museum Grade Specimen - High Vibrational Energy

RARE Huge Agni Manitite - 100% Museum Grade Specimen - High Vibrational Energy

Approximate Size: 58mm x 35mm x 40mm
Weight: 99.27g (Large "A" Grade Specimen)

About Agni Manitite

The name ‘Agni Magnetite’ is derived from Lord Agni (God of fire) and so, is this said to have the valor and charm of fire. It is found in the Indonesian archipelago, our pieces are specifically from Sumatra. The Agni Magnetite in simple appears like a dark colored gravel stone and so; there is a possibility that not many people recognise its value. The most common sizes are around 5g-50g in size, anything smaller is uncommon and anything larger than 100g is extremely rare and collectable.

The color and the texture of this unique gemstone make them look like a simple stone or gravel lying on the ground. Trust this; these pieces of gravel like looking stones are precious and quite rare. This gemstone is also known as the teardrop from the moon. Having such sacred importance, this gemstone is used by the people that indulge in divine activities. Seeming to be like any other stone on the ground, the Agni Manitite works great for people that are looking for a boast in their lives. Records of this gemstone say that it efficiently absorbs any kind of negativity from life and thus, making it more desirable.

While many are selling Agni Manitite as Tektites (impact glass), i am sorry to burst your bubble but our research shows that Agni Manitite has higher probability of being igneous by birth (Volcanic rock) which is in the same family as saffordite and colombianite.

If you are looking for saffordite, colombianite, moldavite, libyan desert Glass, tektite, meteorite, cintamani and yooperlite, this is NOT it!

It is believed in the indonesia that this gemstone has got the sacred healing capabilities as it is formed by nature and given to all naturally by the environment. Researchers say that these stones have become rare since there is no particular spot or place where the Agni Manitite is found. And sourcing the item is extremely difficult.

Almost every human on this planet desires to attain the best. But there are only a few that make it out to the point of their target. If you too are one among the ones that need the pull, then Agni Manitite will serve the purpose. It is said to drive the power levels of a person to the top which sets them right on the track towards the goal. So, it transforms the energy into action for the betterment of the person.

Apart from driving the levels of intuition and power in people it also is used in spiritual activities like the tantric, kundalini awakening and so on. The person using the Agni Manitite for kundalini awakening must understand that the power hence got is the most powerful and cannot go wasted. In fact, such kundalini power when wasted or employed in negative acts will cause danger to that person alone. Beware.

Though, there is nothing much to worry about, it must be kept in mind that the power derived with the help of Agni Manitite through the kundalini awakening is remarkable ‘the best’ for self-enlightening or improvement. This stone also protects from any kind of negative powers that thrive to destroy the lives. So, consider Agni Manitite to be a savior from against any kind of negative powers.

Metaphysical Properties of Agni Manitite

• Awakening of the kundalini - Awakening of the kundalini chakra is not easy. So, the Agni Manitite gemstone is used in the process of kundalini awakening. The power thus acquired is unmatchable and positive, when channelled in the right direction. There are cases reported wherein people suffered badly only because of the negative use of the Agni Manitite or the power of kundalini.

• No negative impact - The power that this stone has is neutral when simply lying on the land. It is said that its power is enhanced with the contact of any person. There are hardly any negative impacts of Agni Manitite on a person, which makes it easy for anyone and everyone to be benefitted.

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