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Stunning Phra Tad Seewali Cave Element - Sacred Relic Stone for Success Growth

Stunning Phra Tad Seewali Cave Element - Sacred Relic Stone for Success Growth

Weight: 16.94g

The Phra Tad Seewali is considered highly sacred and believed to bring success and prosperity. it should be placed at home, shops, companies, and organizations. Its abundance is such that it cannot be fully utilized. Many worshippers have found ways to prosper in their careers and succeed in life through the auspicious nature of the relic stone. It possesses a powerful energy that bestows prosperity and success upon the devotees. As described in the texts, Phra Tad Seewali's appearance resembles various seeds and flowers: a jujube seed, a papaya seed, a green Wan flower, a red pot color, a dry Pikul color, yellow like rattan, and some white like a conch shell.

An intriguing aspect is that Phra Tad Seewali, when brought for worship at home, has the ability to self-generate and grow gradually. New ones may sprout and emerge, sometimes in greater numbers, or they may undergo surprising morphological changes. The more one worships and devotes themselves, the stranger the growth becomes. You can do so by placing the relic stone into pure or filtered water as an offering.

A remarkable discovery was made by Thai locals. They found that when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, simply holding Phra Tad Seewali in their hand, preferably a larger or palm sized piece, and closing their eyes, all the troubling thoughts and worries would be magically absorbed and disappear. This phenomenon has greatly amazed many who are seeking solace during stressful moments at work. By sitting, closing their eyes, meditating, and holding Phra Tad Seewali, all thoughts and worries miraculously dissipate. Hence, it is highly recommended for those who practice Dharma, engage in meditation, or experience stress, overthinking, and sleeplessness to incorporate Phra Tad Seewali into their meditation practice.

Each stone possesses the power to absorb thoughts and worries, but one must experience it firsthand to witness the astounding effects for oneself.

The characteristics of Phra Tad Seewali are quite peculiar, as it resembles a blister-like growth covering its entire body. Ancient people considered this to be a symbol of growth and believed that those who worshipped it would never suffer from starvation throughout their lives. It is commonly found in caves, particularly those with flowing water. These caves must be clean and damp. Phra Tad Seewali is usually situated within such caves, resting on a stone pedestal resembling a lotus flower and often immersed in water. Unlike typical water sediments, Phra That Phra Siwalee appears strong and resembles broken stalactites and stalagmites fused into a spherical shape.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect is that each relic of Phra Tad Seewali is segregated and does not mix together. The larger ones, the size of a fist, are stacked independently, while the smaller ones, similar in size to a thumb, are grouped together separately. This phenomenon is incredibly strange, and anyone who enters the cave can attest to it, almost as if it were arranged by a divine being.

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